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VPN technologies year to year become more usable and must have, due to constant threats in worldwide web and endless limitations by governments. Most people never heard of VPN, or simply bump into such phrase in network settings on the handheld device.

VPN Mouse is an integral part of the VPN Server Pro service, the ultimate virtual private network provider with high-speed access. VPN Mouse blog helps users to understand the principles of virtual private network technology, as well as understand the reasons why it is necessary to use such technology as a part of everyday life, to enhance security, to overcome the limitations of streaming media, business server connections, or just for safer browsing the web.

Our blog provides the recent information regarding the legal usage of the VPN for security and privacy reasons, as well as all news, tips, and pieces of advice for the proper virtual private network usage. Posts in our blog should help readers to get used to the virtual private network and choose the correct service to use not only in desktop systems but also for mobile devices. It also covers the questions about the paid and free services providing the VPN connections, its features, advantages and disadvantages.

VPN Mouse Editor,
Quentin Ferguson