Can I Use One VPN On All My Devices?

Many of us now have at least two devices – a smartphone and a tablet, then we could add a laptop or desktop, a work smartphone … averagely, people using technology in this way have four devices that they could connect to a VPN.

That’s before we include family – two children with a device each, partner with three devices … that’s nine devices before leaving the house.

Will a single Virtual Private Network cover all of those?

Well, first up, it is doubtful that you’ll be wanting to connect all nine devices in a single session, but four or five is definitely likely.

The easiest option for when you’re at home is to rework your router, but that does take some technical know-how, so it’s not for everyone. Besides, many people use a VPN when they are out and about, connecting to a public Wi-Fi hotspot, so altering the household router wouldn’t help in that scenario.

vpn multidevice

There are of course other workaround fixes – setting a VPN on your cell and then hot spotting through the cell phone for a tablet for example.
Technically, one Virtual Private Network provider will work on all of your devices, it really is a question of how many devices you wish to connect at any one time; most VPN providers will allow at least three devices connected simultaneously, some offer 5 or even 6.

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It all gets back to understanding what you want from your VPN provider – do your research and identify your need before signing up for a specific provider:

• What is it that you want from a Virtual Private Network?
• How many devices do you think you’ll need to connect simultaneously?
• Is it for public use only?
• Is it just you or your whole family that will be using it?
• What will the VPN be used for? (ie, streaming, general browsing, connecting to a work server)
• How often will be using it?
• What sort of data allowance will you need?
• Are there any restrictions on speed?

These are just a number of things that you should consider before taking on a VPN, although most offer monthly subscriptions (or even pay as you use) without tying you into a long term contract, so if you find that your current Virtual Private Network provider isn’t meeting your need, changing to another service provider is easily done, without any financial penalty.