Client Confidentiality and VPN

Whatever your business type, you’re going to have clients and customers, but what happens if your client details are hacked and made public? You could be facing legal action for failure to secure their details (at the very least) and that’s before we even get to your reputation being damaged, which could cost you more financially than any legal action.

Do you take active steps to ensure your online security? Even if you do all that you can to make it difficult for a criminal to gain access to your digital files, an innocent 5 minutes of browsing on an open Wi-Fi hotspot could lead to all sorts of trouble for you.

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Five minutes is all it takes for someone to gain your details, these could include personal details, bank accounts, customer lists… anything that you interact with on your device or laptop. Sure, some people will tell you that you’re just being paranoid – that sort of activity isn’t that common, or that no criminal would be interested in just a regular person – they only go for HNW (high net worth) individuals or commercial entities.

confidential and vpn

That’s simply not true.

Cases of hacking through an open access point is on the rise, criminals DO target regular Joe’s because they are easy to target, that’s why you should use a Virtual Private Network when accessing public Wi-Fi.

Of course, even when you’re at home, there’s reason to upgrade your home service to run through a VPN provider, but that does take a little more effort.

For the sake of five minutes and a few dollars (yes, we’d recommend a paid for service over a free one) you’re upgrading your online security significantly. Open access hacking isn’t going to stop – people make it too easy, but at least you can make sure it’s the person sitting next to you that gets caught up rather you – make it more difficult and the criminals will move to an easier target.
A Virtual Private Network will help to secure your online presence, your browsing habits won’t be logged (although some VPN providers do keep logs) and you can be safe in the knowledge that the more nefarious inhabitants of our civilization will move swiftly along to the next victim.

Peace of mind for less than a cup of coffee? That just has to be a no-brainer as far as we are concerned.