Legitimate Uses For a VPN

A Virtual Private Network can have many uses, although the use of them has made headlines mainly due to being used for more… nefarious means.

But the reality is somewhat different, and for a great number of people, a Virtual Private Network is a legitimate expense and a tool for protecting themselves when online.

Forget all about accessing geo restricted content, or hiding from the authorities, Virtual Private Networks have been around for a great number of years in one form or another, they were mainly introduced as a way of connecting to a business server without fear of being compromised; if you log on to a business site, there is a good chance that you’ll be using your own VPN.

We associate the VPN with the internet, and in today’s world, the common link is there, but the reality is that a VPN is effectively a secure point to point line, we use the internet purely as a means to an end, and a rather convenient one at that.

For some businesses, the ability to test software or a platform that has geo implications (where the platform or software may change functionality or user interface depending on where it is in the world) is another huge plus point when it comes to Virtual Private Networks; if they weren’t able to use a service such as that, they would actually need a physical presence in the country that they are testing for.

legitimate vpn

Putting business use aside, private individuals have also made great use of the VPN systems, mainly to secure their own internet connection or access while they are using a public wi-fi hot spot; it means that any casual ‘listeners’ looking to find information or details using the public wi-fi won’t find any of the details of those using a VPN – a great way of giving yourself a little safety when on line with publicly accessible hot spots.

So for the price of a cup of coffee each month, you can access many Virtual Private Network providers, and surely when it comes to your on line safety, $5 is next to nothing, especially if you consider the implications of having your details, or bank account (or any personal information) hacked and used to commit further crime.

Using a Virtual Private Network really is a no brainer if you spend any time on a public network, or accessing sensitive data.