VPN: Will Paying More Get A Better Service?

OK, so you’ve reached the conclusion that you now need a Virtual Private Network to give you some degree of privacy, a little extra security, or even just so as you can access geo restricted content.

But what should you go for? There are thousands of different VPN providers, all with a few different plans, some are even free. Why shouldn’t you just pick a free one and be done with it?

Well, first up, you should decide what it is that you need a VPN for; streaming media from geo restricted sites will need fast internet and no limits on data transfer – you can easily burn through a gig or two when streaming, so if a free service limits your data, then that isn’t going to work.

What about needing a Virtual Private Network to keep you secure when using public Wi-Fi? Again, yes, a free service may work for that, or at the very least give you more protection than without, but it still probably won’t give you 100% peace of mind.

paid vpn

Most Virtual Private Network providers have services starting from as low as $5 or $6 a month – one or two decent cups of coffee every month, and that’s it. Surely, the security it offers you is worth less than two dollars a week? Even if you only use it once or twice a month.

When it comes to paying more, yes, you are more than likely to get a better service, but this is why you need to identify your need first … you may not have to have the top level of service, it really does depend on your need.

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Paying more… it will probably give you a higher transfer rate allowance, it is doubtful that it will restrict the performance of your connection, but you shouldn’t need it for more than that, so no, you shouldn’t need to pay more.

However, with that said, of course picking the top level service will give you some benefit; perhaps increased security or privacy – only you can decided what that is worth to you, or know what you stand to lose if someone did manage to gain access to your device.

Our advice is that while the free services give you a degree of protection, if you want anything more, then looking at a paid subscription is worth it, but you probably don’t need the highest level.