When Should I Use a VPN?

There really is no specific time or use for using a Virtual Private Network – some people use them all the time for general browsing, while others prefer to only use them when out in public and connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots.

But the reality is that the use of a Virtual Private Network does help to keep you protected when online and gives you a certain degree of anonymity with your browsing. But we should make it very clear that it isn’t a ‘get out of jail free’ card – VPN users have still been prosecuted, it really does depend on what you’re using them for.

Of course, it gets back to what you actually need from a VPN service provider – while they all seem to offer a similar service, it’s only when you start to look into the details that you may find yourself becoming unstuck.

For instance, some providers log your activity, meaning there is a record of everything you’ve looked at while online, others don’t keep logs.

when should use vpn

Some provides may restrict your access or slow your connection speed – it always goes back to research and identifying your need – if you want a VPN service just because someone has said they’re great, then you probably don’t need anything too serious, however, using them for a purpose, be that legitimate or otherwise, you’ll want to ensure that the service you pick is up for the job.
We would recommend using a Virtual Private Network when you’re out and about, using open and publicly available Wi-Fi hotspots, just as you’d find in your favourite coffee house for instance. Taking that a step further, if you need a secure and private connection to a work server for example, then you really do need a VPN connection wherever you’re accessing it from.

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For those of you that wonder what the media streaming services are offering in other countries, then again, you need a VPN, although be aware that the big companies such as Netflix are constantly updating their database of virtual servers, so there is no guarantee that you’ll get access anyway – check with the provider before signing up if that’s going to be your main use, even then, there’s a chance that hat may work one day, won’t the next.

Generally, we think the use of Virtual Private Networks should be high on your list of priorities, regardless of what you’re doing – even a home network can be compromised.